The Cause of Abstract Painting Prices Can Be Very Expensive

1. Age of Painting

The age factor is one of the causes of the high price of a painting or picture. The older you get, the more expensive and higher the price tag will be. This is the same with other antiques. Old paintings or drawings, popular in the past, have value and meaning, which of course also makes a painting or drawing expensive.

2. The person who painted it and the history

All of my friends must have heard and known the famous painters of ancient times. Yep, the figures had works of a painting that was very popular in his time. This is one of the reasons for the high price tag for one painting or picture. It can be said that the more important the role of the character who painted in ancient times, the more expensive the price given.

In addition, the history of a painter is no less important, because from the history of an artist we can know and understand how he came from, what his background is and also the history of exhibitions he has participated in and also won an art exhibition competition.
Then also the history of his work, meaning suppose there is a painting made by an artist. Then the painting was once owned by someone who can be said to be an important figure, then it is possible that the price of a painting will be higher.

3. Quality and also the Idea of ​​the Painting

The next factor is the quality and the idea of ​​the painting. As you know, not just anyone can paint well, and painting is certainly not something that everyone can do easily, it takes practice, technique and also the ability to make a high-quality painting.

Not only quality is the focus, but there are other things too, namely Ideas. The idea is an idea or thought of the painter to be then painted on to a painting medium. When the ideas and ideas of the painter are getting higher, it is possible that the price of a painting can also be priced higher.

4. Media

Maybe many friends have the perception that the media for painting is very cheap. This is not true, because it takes a high enough budget to buy the media used for painting. Even a painter needs more than two types of color paint and also different types of brushes to make a painting. The price of one canvas can reach a price of fifty thousand rupiah to five hundred thousand rupiah, it depends on the size and quality. Not to mention paint colors and also various brush sizes.

For the price that was mentioned above, it was included in the cost for an artist whose level was beginner class. This is different from world-class and professional artists, of course, requiring even more capital to be able to paint a work.

5. The meaning contained in it

Each – each painting made of course has a meaning or meaning contained and intended in it. When a painter is making a work of his painting, there is a message contained. It could be the message that the artist wants to convey through the painting, or it could be the emotions and ideas of the artist regarding a particular story that is described through a painting. Of course, when ordinary people want to understand a painting, it is likely to be a bit difficult because of the complexity of a painting. So it takes a deep understanding to be able to understand the meaning conveyed from a painting.

6. Recognized by Collectors

A painting if it has ever been collected and also received recognition from a famous painting collector is also one of the factors that causes the price of a painting to be very high. With the recognition of a well-known painting collector, it can be interpreted that the quality of a painting can really be recognized.

With this in mind, then there is a question that may be in the minds of friends, namely how to appreciate and evaluate a good abstract painting art work? and what are the tips so that the paintings we make can be valuable? Well then we will discuss one by one.