Kinds of Artwork in Fashion

Art certainly exists in every aspect of our lives where peace of mind can be achieved by works of art. Art is very closely related to something that smells of beauty. Art is born from the creativity or imagination of one’s mind which makes something more imaginative than the previous one.

Art is also a form of expression and appearance in the form of inner manifestations and aesthetic experiences using the media of field, line, color, texture, volume, dark and light which in all of this contains elements of beauty that are soothing to the hearts of those who are interested in works of art. the.

One type of work of art is like fashion art or elements of art in clothing. At first glance, in our minds, fashion is very closely related to clothes. And as we all know, clothes are one of the things that are very close to us every day.

The clothes themselves have developed from time to time or from time to time. Along with the development of these clothes, the fashion also accepts changes according to the needs and demands of the needs.

Fashion itself is very closely related to the way we dress and how to use or mix and match these clothes like the meaning of art behind songket cloth. And not only that, choosing the right costume according to the time and place is also one thing that cannot be separated from the fashion world.

This is clearly seen for those who are very concerned about appearance, especially those who are celebrities, models, socialites and also those who have certain careers. Fashion like this can not be separated from them.

Artwork in fashion is not just talking about the clothes worn, but the role and meaning of the clothes also play a role in their social status. In this fashion, it will be clearly seen the message of lifestyle and social status of a particular group or community that makes the identity of the group or community itself.

We can clearly see the meaning contained in the fashion, my friend. Fashion or clothing is one of the clearest indications of a person’s outward appearance, which a person can place himself apart from other people who are not his community or social group.